Important Points to be Noted

  • An application once submitted CAN NOT be changed/rectified. Therefore, before submitting the JAM 2020 application, please ensure that all the details and all the necessary supporting documents are filled/uploaded and there is NO ERROR.
  • Please also ensure to pay the application fee as per the gender/category and test paper option. If the fee paid is NOT as per the Gender and Category and the number of Test Paper(s) entered in the Application Form, then the filled in form will be rejected without any intimation to the candidate.
  • Multiple applicatiions submitted by a candidate are liable for rejection. Hence, DO NOT submit multiple application forms. After submitting an application, if a candidate decides to appear in other test paper or to change test paper(s), he/she can ADD THE ADDITIONAL TEST PAPER or can change the TEST PAPER(S) before the closing date in the earlier submitted application form. In such cases the candidate has to pay an additional fee online before the closing date as per Table below.

Additional Fee for Addition or Change of Test Paper(s)

Group/Category Existing Wishes to Change Wishes to Add
Case Additional Fee(₹) Case Additional Fee(₹)
Female (All Categories)/SC/ST/PwD One Test Paper One Test Paper ₹ 750/- One Test Paper ₹ 300/-
Two Test Papers Any One Test Paper ₹ 300/- Not Applicable
Both Papers ₹ 1050/-
All Others One Test Paper One Test Paper ₹ 1500/- One Test Paper ₹ 600/-
Two Test Papers Any One Test Paper ₹ 600/- Not Applicable
Both Papers ₹ 2100/-
  • The status of an application will be updated after the scrutiny of the application.
  • The status of an application can be checked at any point of time by logging in JOAPS.
  • Candidates who have wrongly entered the Category or Gender will be allowed to change the Category or Gender on the JOAPS website with an additional fee as per Table below. All such candidates are required to pay the additional fee ONLINE only, on or before October 21, 2019.

Additional Fee for Changing Category or Gender

Existing Group/Category Change Case Additional Fee
Female (All Categories)/SC/ST/PwD (Group-1) Within Group-1 One or Two Test Paper(s) NIL
To Group-2 One Test Paper ₹ 750/-
Both Papers ₹ 1050/-
All Others (Group-2) To Group-1 One or Two Test Paper(s) NIL (No fee will be refunded)
  • Please, contact the JAM office in case of any queries/problems in filling application form and making the fee payment online.
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