• FOR J&K Candidates

    Smiley face (November 21, 2019) Important Information For JAM 2020 Aspirants From J&K.

  • MOCK TEST LINKS released.

    Smiley face (November 21, 2019) Candidates can now use MOCK TEST LINKS to practice for JAM2020 examination.

  • (October 18, 2019) Candidates can now correct their application data. Please READ THE INSTRUCTIONS carefully HERE.
  • (October 10, 2019) New registrations are closed now. Payment is allowed to only those candidates who have already submitted the application. Deadline: 13th October, 2019.

  • (October 09, 2019) Deadline for application and payment extended till 17:30 hours, October 09 2019.
  • (October 03, 2019) ALL submitted applications go through the SCRUTINY process. It is a manual process and due to large volume of applications, it takes time. The deadline of October 08 is for applying and payment, scrutiny process will continue beyond that.
  • (September 19, 2019) Candidates will be given a chance to correct defects in non-editable data in their application after the application deadline is over (i.e., after October 8th, 2019).

  • (September 04, 2019) JOAPS portal is operational now!

  • (September 04, 2019) Due to operational reasons, Ghaziabad city has been transfered from IIT Delhi Zone to IIT Roorkee Zone.

  • (August 09, 2019) JAM 2020 examination will be conducted for six subjects only. BL (Biological Sciences) paper has been discontinued.

  • (August 09, 2019) JAM 2020 poster can be downloaded here.